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Technology InstructionBerry Organized is an incredible resource for photo and album arrangement, and we offer comprehensive editing and project creation services. In fact, we’re so devoted to this craft that we want to share our passion with every client who walks in the door. A big part of this is education – we want you to understand the best ways to care for your photos and videos, including how you can use modern technology to create exciting new projects, ways to preserve your memories forever, and tips and tricks for staying organized.

Technology Instruction with Berry Organized

Old footage and photos rejuvenated with modern techniques can be an incredible dream come true for any collector or genealogist. Of course, this is only half a solution. You need to know how to transport and access this footage, and it certainly helps to understand how you can print and share these newly documented memories. Seeing old photos again for the first time in decades is a thrilling experience, and it’s made all the better knowing you can share, touch up, and create in a snap. A few of the solutions we recommend (and explain) include:

  • Cloud storage. Cloud storage is an amazing innovation, and it’s practically made for photo and video. With some basic tips and advice about this technology, you’ll understand how it works, how you can keep your data safe and secure, and how you can upload your memories and take them wherever you need to go with absolutely no hassle.
  • External drives. The cloud is awesome, but in the digital age, one storage solution is never enough. Even though these developments are incredible, files can still be lost or damaged. External drives are another measure you can take to ensure your valuable content has some physical storage to back up its presence on the cloud.
  • Other services. These can be straightforward options, but there are dozens of tricks to learn. And that’s before you get to work retouching or sharing these mementos. We can explain all your digital and physical options, discussing how these items should be cared for and the numerous ways you can enjoy your memories.

Refocus with Berry Organized

Berry Organized does much more than put photo albums together and transfer videos. We want you to know how to care for your footage and photos and the many ways you can keep track of these most precious possessions. Get in touch with us for a consultation, and we’ll bring you up to speed on the best methods to care for and enjoy these memories.