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Scanning and RetouchingMemories may never deteriorate, but unfortunately, old photos and film can. Sadly, those formats don’t always age well, and when you go to revisit those moments, they may not be in the condition you remember. But it doesn’t matter how discolored or tattered those images get – you hold on to them.

Scanning and Retouching with Berry Organized

If the only documents you have of ancestors or loved ones are discolored, it can be heartbreaking. Luckily, with modern technology, you can touch up those old copies without letting go of the valuable originals. Bring your negatives, old Ppolaroid shots, or footage to Berry Organized. We’ll restore this content for you, and we’ll show you how you can keep it shining in the digital age. Our services include:

  • Scanning. Preserve old photos, and scan and print copies you can share or crop and modify for photo albums or other creative projects. This is an excellent opportunity for scrapbooking, as you may not want to risk altering those priceless originals.
  • Retouching. Blurred images or photos that are too light or too dark may seem useless – but don’t throw them out. The modern techniques we employee can improve their quality and color, helping you cherish these jewels in a way that was only possible when the photo was first taken.
  • Developing negatives. Sometimes, negatives are the only bits of the past we can manage to save. Luckily, with some modern innovations, you don’t have to settle for holding these strips up to light. Take them to Berry Organized, and we’ll bring these images back to life.

Modern innovations are incredible, but they can’t always top the nostalgia of old photos and footage. Thankfully, these formats are no longer mutually exclusive; you can make electronic copies while preserving your originals, giving you the freedom to share and modify with a digitally infinite number of copies at your disposal. These processes are excellent for projects like photobooks and albums, digital updates, and slideshows.

Get Started with Berry Organized

Bring us your photos, films, or negatives, and we’ll rejuvenate and restore these timeless items. This can make excellent gifts for someone who thought these memories were lost to time. We’re also committed to teaching our clients about the best ways to preserve and enjoy their new content.

Don’t let your legacy collect dust in the attic. Contact us for a consultation about our photo restoration and scanning services.