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Convet Outdated MediaPreserving memories is important. Whether you want to pass down stories or ensure your family’s history is never forgotten, we’ve preserved our stories on film for decades. Unfortunately, technology moves at an incredible pace – and in just a few short years, the footage you have could be outdated.

All that film stored away on VHS was once considered inaccessible – or, at best, only enjoyable by hosting an old-fashioned movie night. This can be a nostalgic way to cherish old memories, but do you ever wish there was more you could do with that footage?

Trust Your Precious Media to Berry Organized

It can be a pain to lose old photos or videos, or feel like you can’t access them anymore. This is certainly an issue for anyone who used to take plenty of home videos. DVDs quickly rendered this format outdated, but nowadays, that doesn’t mean inaccessible. We can convert those tapes to modern formats, including DVD. This way, you can easily make copies and keep those experiences alive with friends and family. You can also view them over the cloud, on your smart phone and tablet, and share them online.

Did you know that footage is also good for dozens of other creative projects? We can consult with you on some creative options, including:

  • Printed photos
  • Digital home movies
  • Slideshows
  • Photo albums
  • Digital content

In addition to video footage, we can help you transfer copies of your physical photos to digital media. This way, you can print and share copies or crop them into a scrapbook without damaging those priceless originals. We can also advise you on protecting and maintaining your new footage through other modern techniques, such as cloud storage.

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Old VHS tapes and other outdated technologies deteriorate over time. Preserve these memories by taking a simple step. Back up copies so they’re never lost, and take them with you wherever you go. This also gives you access to stunning updated quality, and we can color-correct or restore old photos you capture from home footage.

Lastly, editing is an important part of our process. We can help you update footage while keeping it as authentic or as appealing as possible. We can also explain the technology to you, helping you manage digital and printed photos after transferring them to DVD or an external hard drive. This way, it’s easy for you to organize and categorize family moments, helping you revisit memories and preserve them for generations to come. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.