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Organize your summer memories before fall

Summer for my family featured the end of a championship track season, a trip to upstate New York, a few college visits, a stop in Dollywood, senior pictures, a milestone birthday, and many moments in between. We captured many of those memories on camera. But now comes the task of getting those pictures all organized before the school year begins and a whole new set of photographs start piling up.

So where do you start when you find yourself in this situation?

Don’t let the process bog you down. It can be easy to get things organized. And, boy, will you be glad you took the time to put these things in order. Follow these easy steps to turn your vacation snapshots into life-long memories.

Step 1: Get all your photos uploaded into one spot.

If you’re like me, there are photos on your phone. There are photos on your “good camera.” There are some videos on your video camera. A few have been download but most are just taking up space on your device. Create a folder on your main computer and label it with the month, date, and location/event (you could even just use “summer2017”). Copy all your photos and videos to this folder.

Step 2: Cull your photos now

Now that all your photos are in one place, go through your folder and cull them. Delete the photos that are out of focus and the duplicates. Also, be honest with yourself and delete the bad photos, too. Those photos where the subject is just too far away to see, where the lighting was bad and where you just don’t even remember why you took the photo. This will save precious space on your hard drive and time when looking through the folders later.

Step 3: Back up your photos

Immediately take your photos off your device and store them on an external hard drive that cannot be wiped out if your computer fails. Connect to a cloud back-up service. I pay just $90 a year for my back-up service and it’s well worth the cost. There are many services to choose from, including free ones. Find one that works for you and use it.

Step 4: Do something with your photos

Often when we vacation with my siblings and their families, I create online photo books for them as gifts. The books highlight our vacations and serve as a photo album. You can also flag a few photos that might work well for your Christmas cards now so when the holidays roll around, you’ll be one step ahead. And don’t forget to print a few photos to put around your house, frame or send to your mom who is still not yet caught up with the whole digital photo phase. I like to use

I also load up all my family photos to and send my family links. Plans on begin at $3.99 per month. Family members can click on the links to look at all my photos of our last family gathering and they can download any photos they want to keep.

Don’t let this process seem overwhelming. It’s not. It may take an hour or so of your time but you will be so glad that you preserved and archived your summer photos. Then once you establish your routine and process, all your photos can be handled with this process.

So say cheese, snap one more summer photo and get to organizing.


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