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Julie Berry and FmailyHave you ever been at a loss for something to say to someone, but a picture captures the sentiment perfectly? Maybe it was a picture of a young boy looking up at his grandfather or a girl hugging her dog. Those feelings and emotions don’t always come across in other mediums, which is why pictures are so special.

As the family photographer, Julie Berry understood the power of images from the time she could point and click. Her goal is to help family and friends preserve and share their most cherished memories. She’s had lots of chances to practice her skills – after marrying her high school sweetheart, the couple had three beautiful daughters, including identical twins. Now a Certified Personal Photo Organizer and member of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers, Julie helps others capture and care for the images that tell a family’s story.

Originally from Naples, Florida, she and her husband of 25 years have been living in Nashville, Tennessee since 2005. She combined her love of technology and incredible organizational skills to create her own photo organizing enterprise – a business she is passionate about.

At Berry Organized, our pictures are our story. Words can only capture so much of a moment, but a picture can capture the mood, the message, the history, and the environment. Whether you just found boxes of old photographs in your grandparents’ house or you’re starting a family of your own, Berry Organized is ready to help you take control of your digital and printed photographs.

We believe that pictures bring people together, which is why our team will work hard to make your picture project stress-free and fun. Fill out our contact form today to let us know how we can help you.

Certified Member of APPO

When you hire someone to help you with something as personal as photographs, trust and professionalism are essential. In addition to being a Certified Personal Photo Organizer and member of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers, Julie Berry, founder of Berry Organized, is also a certified member of APPO, the Association of Personal Photo Organizers, which provides training and support for professional photography organizers and managers. Each organizer must go through approved curriculum courses and take a test, have 20 hours of documented work with clients, and two client testimonials to earn certification.

Julie Berry

Professional Photo Organizer

I will help you gather all of your photos, printed and digital, and put a system into place to organize and protect them. Let’s insure your precious memories are preserved and beautifully displayed for your family and future generations to cherish.

I am very flexible in my approach. I can educate you so you can do it yourself, I can work alongside you to keep you on track or I can handle the entire project for you.